About Fernsby Hall

In all the charity art exhibitions that Diana organised over 20 years, the works that ALWAYS sold were the quirky and amusing animal and bird paintings of Catriona Hall. As a stitcher of some experience, Diana had always longed to make tapestries from Catriona’s paintings. In 2011 she finally got around to it.

Kits for each design, consisting of:

  • The printed canvas
  • The correct quantity of Appleton tapestry wools
  • A photograph of the original painting
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • A needle
  • A helpline

Background Colours

Alternative Background wools can be supplied to suit your colour scheme.  This can be arranged if you send a suitable sample of the colour you require.


How the kits are produced

I don’t have a physical shop. Everything is done in my workroom or kitchen.

The process is as follows:

1  Ask my friend Kate for a specific design or use an existing one. 

2. Scale up the design.

3 Draw the design onto canvas.

4 Select the wool

5) Stitch the design myself to make sure it works.

6) Work out the quantity of wool

7) Stretch the canvas.

8) Count stitches onto the computer and send it to the printer. 

9) Choose all relevant wools. 

10) Bag up the printed canvas,+ wool, needle, a photograph of finished kit instructions and linen bag. 

Job done!